Fountain Asset Corp is the premier specialty
merchant bank
in Canada.

Fountain Asset Corp brings a wealth of experience and the right advice and expertise to help companies grow and go public. Based in Toronto, Fountain Asset Corp focuses on finding and funding those companies that have a strong management team, a proven product and require financing between $500k- $5 million.

Here’s What We Do Better


Multiple levels of capital structuring including common equity, preferred shares, convertible debt and bridge loans.


Customized service-oriented support in going public.


Long term relationships with brokerage, venture capital and banking sectors.


Timely financing, while still providing due diligence.


Expertise in a wide variety of industries including oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, retail, financial services, technology and biotechnology.


Exposure to the country’s largest economic markets.

Where opportunity and entrepreneurs meet

Fountain Asset Corp provides value

The people of Fountain Asset Corp bring experience from a broad range of disciplines including finance, banking, corporate restructuring, valuation and general management. With numerous long-term relationships across many sectors, Fountain Asset Corp is in a privileged position to access what you need – connections, resources, funding and expertise.

Pre-listing investment

1 - signing document
  • Developing the proper capitalization structure
  • Structuring the deal to provide the best return for shareholders and investors
  • Performing due diligence for financials including reviewing and alidating the financial risk and control framework
  • Validating the operational framework including identifying technology and infrastructure barriers
  • Review of advisory bodies, including the Board of Directors, to ensure complementarity of skills and adherence to corporate and securities law requirements
  • Serving as underwriter

Public listing preparation

2 - investment
  • Creation and development of the company prospectus
  • Scheduling and management of documentation
  • Determination of, and preparation for, major milestones regarding regulatory requirements
  • Identification of risks that impact going public
  • Support for presentations and discussions with potential investors including logistics and management of the road show
  • Addressing questions that arise from filing documentation

Private to public arbitrage

3 - private to public
  • Advising the company on growth opportunities including mergers and acquisitions
  • Identification of governance improvement initiatives to attract greater investment opportunities
  • Analysis of the environmental factors (e.g. preferences, competition and regulations) that affect acquisition of capital
  • Expertise in late-stage private offerings including common stock, convertible preferred stock, secured debt and bridge notes